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One Man’s Trash: Selling an Old Laptop to Finance a Functioning New Model

Staying on top of the latest technology can feel a bit tricky for anyone who isn’t particularly enamored with progress. After all, every couple of months it seems that there’s some fancy new product that everyone is expected to upgrade to, leaving older models in the dust. Yet going too far in the other direction can often have negative consequences, too. After all, someone who hangs on to an outdated laptop will find that it’s impossible to run contemporary software on their old machine, making it tougher to get work done. And trying to sell a broken laptop to someone else if they don’t want to use it for parts? Practically impossible, particularly when it comes to raising the funds needed to enjoy a new way of getting work done digitally.

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Fortunately, not everyone out there who is in the business of buying laptops is doing so because they want to immediately crack open the model in question and get online right away. It’s just as easy to sell a broken laptop as it is to sell a defective smartphone, thanks to the market that’s growing in terms of repairs. Because people prefer to use less expensive parts to repair machines, it makes sense that those who have computers that are defective in one way could make a huge profit in the right circumstances. And since it’s easier to sell a broken laptop than it is to fix it up for those who aren’t tech-savvy, there’s really no reason to not explore this option, rather than dealing with the stress of using an outdated machine.

For those who have made the choice to upgrade to a new machine rather than deal with a laptop that has seen better days, the question doesn’t become whether or not it’s time to sell a broken laptop, but rather, where to actually do business. Sometimes, the old-school method of actually looking for stores and locales in one’s city where replacement parts are key ends up paying off. After all, this scenario doesn’t require any shipping, any time spent fretting about whether or not there is going to be someone ripping someone off during the transaction, or whether or not they will even get back to the person doing the selling.

But sometimes, better prices are available online for those who are considering why it might make sense to sell broken laptops that are around the house. After all, finding someone to do business with on Craigslist or eBay often means less haggling about price, and entire websites exist simply to connect computer repair people with those who need to sell their old models. And considering multiple pieces of a defective laptop can be used to fuel the functionality of numerous different laptops out there, people who are selling older machines can expect to make a sizable enough profit to finance an upgrade to something more contemporary. There’s never been a better example of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure in this increasingly digital world.

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